Who really wins with bundled services?

These days it seems like most of your service providers are attempting to gain more of your business by offering you the opportunity to bundle. That’s right, they are bending over backwards to make you, the customer happy, by allowing you the opportunity to bundle. When you put it like that, maybe it’s not a benefit to the customer.

So, who really benefits when you bundle? You probably don’t have to go too far back in your memory to come up with a scenario where the answer to this question was on full display. Mine was a few years ago with a local internet company that had partnered with a satellite TV provider. I purchased my Satellite TV, Internet and Home Phone through them. As time went on, my family and I used my home phone less and less and I decided to cancel my home phone. Imagine my surprise when I found out my bill would go up if I cancelled the home phone part of my service. Why in the world would my bill go up if I cancel my service; because I become less sticky and they would rather me have more products than collect more fees. I did exactly as they hoped I would, I kept my home phone.

Companies try and try to get more lines of business with you because they know the statistics. Have you ever tried to leave your bank? If not, consider yourself lucky because that is so much more painful than your internet company.

Why ionlake (MyRepChat) isn’t trying to up-sell you on our SMS services.

I’ve always had a slightly different approach to my business model. What if businesses constantly had to earn your business? What if they didn’t roll out the red carpet to get you in the door only to roll it up so fast once you’re in the door that they almost knock you over? What if there was a business owner like that out there…what if?

We take this idea to heart by offering great customer service first followed by products that work for you. We accomplish this by knowing that it takes the entire organization to be on board with this customer-first business model. We focus on providing the best services for your individual needs without forcing you into purchasing, or bundling, services you do not need. We know that by providing our customers with the best service, we will gain your loyalty.

And really, that’s also YOUR goal too, isn’t it? To provide real value for your clients in a way that improves their lives, and gives them a great experience. Provide a service that shows they can trust you, and as a result, builds a longstanding relationship and leads to more referrals.

At the end of the day, running your business is a lot easier when your vendors are focused on what you truly need to operate your business better, and how to do that well, as opposed to selling you services for the sake of the services. It’s a conscious decision to always provide value over providing a list of services. We strive to do exactly that well, everyday.