Basic Setup

A good place to start learning the basics of managing MyRepChat

FAQs / General Questions

Common questions and answers

Contacts and
Distribution Lists

Adding contacts and distribution lists

CRM Integrations

CRM Integrations


Sending messages and troubleshooting

Templates, Scheduling & Auto Responses

Learn how to manage templates, scheduled messages and auto responses in MyRepChat

Add-on Features

Learn more about the add-on features that are available for MyRepChat

Archiving & Billing

Manage your Archiving and Billing

Mobile App Specific

Tips and tricks when using the mobile app

Group Administrators

In this category we will go through your Group Administrator account.

Reseller & Organization Administrator Account

What do you need to know as a reseller of MyRepChat? What functions do you have? How do you set pricing? We have you …

System Administrators and Customer Support Teams

This section is available for System Administrators. Information discussed in this sections contains topics such as: …

Development (BETA)

Integrate MyRepChat into your own applications through our open API.

Get Support

Have you ever wondered why you couldn’t seem to get great customer service after you signed up for a service? Even worse, if they expect you to pay for support. MyRepChat is a subscription-based service, and to ensure our users have the best experience possible, we provide multiple levels of support included in your subscription price.

We offer three levels of support:

Method of Support

Support Availability

**Support hours will vary for holidays**
MyRepChat has a 99.99% up-time commitment to our customers, and to ensure all systems are functioning properly, MyRepChat makes available at all times a Status Page.

MyRepChat Minute​

We’ve heard some of the same questions from our users, so we have launched a dedicated YouTube channel to answer them. We’ve also created a simple form you can fill out to suggest topics you would be perfect for a MyRepChat Minute video.

Request A MyRepChat Minute Video​


Watch the demo video or request a live demo below:

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