MyRepChat vs. Telemessage

If you are looking to understand the different between MyRepChat and Telemessage, do yourself a favor and kick the tires for yourself.

On one end, you’ll hear things like:

  • We’ve been around longer
  • Check out the companies on our website that use us
  • We’ll go as low on price as we have to to win the business

On the other end, you might hear things like:

  • We do not publish our clients for the world to see, but simply ask and you’ll receive a list of great companies (pre-approval already given)
  • Have you seen all the systems we integrate with to benefit your users?
  • Would you like to see the features and controls available to increase security?
  • Give it a shot for free and see for yourself
  • There are no minimum users, set up fees, or silly admin fees.