MyRepChat and MessageWatcher

Message Watcher
Message Watcher

MessageWatcher has been archiving electronic communications for clients in the investment, legal, medical, manufacturing, and technology industries since 2004.

Does your firm archive data with MessageWatcher? If so, you’ll be happy to know that MyRepChat has an integration with MessageWatcher to enable you to archive your MyRepChat Text Messages and take advantage of your existing ediscovery interface.

With our integration, MyRepChat will send your messages to your email every day to be captured and archived in your MessageWatcher account. This will include all SMS and MMS messages exchanged between you and your client. All messages are sent in their original format and all links are sent as live links so they can be clicked on and explored.

Messages include the following X-Headers so they can be searched and sorted:

X-MRC-Report-Start – the start date for the report

X-MRC-Report-End – the end date for the report

X-MRC-Report-User-Name – the account name

X-MRC-Report-User-Email – the account contact email

X-MRC-MessageType – always sms

X-MRC-Report-Contact – the phone number of the contact

X-MRC-Report-Contact-Name – the name of the contact (only if set)

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