Multi-Factor Authentication

As the world of online tools and software continues to evolve, so does the security around your data. To this end, ionlake, makers of MyRepChat, are continually evaluating threats as they reveal themselves to the community at large, sometimes by making headlines, sometimes as just white papers on new “Best Practices” for security.

One of the latest best practices is called Multi-Factor authentication. Simple log in credentials like username and password is one factor of authenticating someone. Another is to use a fingerprint. Another a rotating number on a FOB. And another yet would be to text a code to a mobile phone. Multi-factor authentication is using 2 or more methods to determine identity.

MyRepChat now uses 2 forms of authentication. One of them is the Username/Password that we use today, the second is to text a number to your mobile phone. If we do not have a mobile number on record for you, you will be asked to provide it, but only once. From then on we will use that number. After that a 6 digit code is sent to your phone and you will need to provide it. This all happens on the login screen, no jumping around. You will need to do this once per device that you log in with.

Now you, and us, can sleep more soundly knowing that to get access to YOUR data means that you need to have to only your login credentials, but also access to your physical device(s).

Let us know if you have any questions about multi-factor authentication by email at or my phone at 844-402-2428