Financial Advisors

Why do Financial Advisors want to use MyRepChat?

 MyRepChat is the only text messaging platform created by a Financial Advisor, for a Financial Advisor. 

Financial Advisors wear many hats from day to day. Over the course of a career, a Financial Advisor will undoubtedly find themselves acting as a money manager, an insurance professional, a career coach, and even a relationship counselor. Having to be many things to many people means that a Financial Advisor must be easy to connect with. Until recently, Financial Advisors have not been able to communicate with clients through text message.

96% of smartphone owners text. (Pew Research Center)

The reality for Financial Advisors is that clients want to text us, and many already do. Financial Advisors who want to stay compliant refuse to respond to a clients text message; however, many Financial Advisors take the risk and communicate anyway. MyRepChat can take the risk out of text messaging and finally allow Financial Advisors and clients to communicate in the modern world.

MyRepChat is the perfect tool for Financial Advisors and their staff; if you haven’t done so, schedule your demo and see how MyRepChat can help your practice.