Why do Banks want to use MyRepChat?

Over half of customers would rather text a customer support agent instead of using other available options (eWeek).

Being competitive in the Banking industry has historically had more to do with rates than anything else. Over time, customer service has become a burden in the banking industry as banks try to do more for people with less resources. In todays’ tech savvy world, customer continue to redefine and reshape how they interact with banks. Banks today have to be easy to do business with. To be that, they have to be easy to communicate with.

Texting is the highest rated contact method for customer satisfaction compared to all other communication channels (Text – 90; Phone – 77; Facebook – 66). (eWeek)

Common questions fielded by bank personnel:

  • What time does the drive thru open/close?
  • Are you open on the upcoming holiday?
  • What are todays rates for a new car loan?
  • How long does it take to get pre-qualified for a mortgage?

What if customers could simply text that question in to the bank? What if your personal bankers, mortgage bankers, and business bankers could encourage customers to keep in touch with a simple text message?

78% of people wish they could have a text conversation with a business (RingCentral)

MyRepChat is the perfect tool for personal bankers, business bankers, mortgage bankers, and anyone else who communicates with customers on a regular basis. MyRepChat can also be an effective tool for interoffice communications as time delays can cause frustration for customers.


If you haven’t done so yet, schedule your demo today to find out how MyRepChat can help in your bank.